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HTML Email with SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 looks perfect in SBWP, but come empty when forwarding outsid

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email-with-graphic.jpgI can see the email generated in the html sap mail manager smtp (SBWP) as "perfectly created email in html end with the graphics (Java Chart Graphics)", the problem is that when this perfectly generatd email i forward it to a gmail, yahoo or lotus notes boxes (and lotus notes will be the corporative final destination) any of this case the graphic doesnt get to there.

so, im trying to figure it out if the problem comes from sap when it forward the emails or when those emails arrived to the extern email boxes maybe corrupted I Attach the graphic i see in my Mail Outbox in SAP looks perfectly in SBWPscot.jpg


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Check the address/url of the graphics in the mail, if this refer an address on your SAP server, no chance an user outside will get it, the graphics must be available on the web or attached to the mail.

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hi , i take off the graphic and put a table created in html and i have the same problem so its appears to be a convertion problem when we trying to foward outside, anyway again its look perfectly in SBWP , but no on foward

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Could you export the html in a text format and attach it, as it seems you only used some table/tbody/th/td/tr/br tags. NB: You can also check your html code in sites like