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HRPAD00INFTY - delimit subtypes

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Hello Fellow Users,

We are using infotype 0057 to store some Union Codes. The requirement is to delimit the records by subtypes.

i.e, when a new record for a new subtype is created in IT0057, the previous record should be delimited.

Since this cannot be done by configuration for Infotype 0057, I have implemented the method IF_EX_HRPAD00INFTY~AFTER_INPUT of BADI HRPAD00INFTY.

So in the BADI, I am checking if there is any record which is active as of the new record start date, if yes, then delimit that record - i.e change ENDDA = NEW_BEGDA-1. Update existing record in IT0057 and create new record with new dates.

Here is the code that I have written. When I use this code in a report program, the previous infotype record is correctly picked up and delimited.

But in the BADI, the current record does not get updated.

In debugging I have noticed that the BADI is called twice, once with new PA0057 values that I am trying to create and then with the existing PA0057 values saved in the infotype.

So that means my changes are not being written to the database. Do I need to do this operation IN_UPDATE?

When I tried to create a session breakpoint IN_UPDATE, it doesnt get triggered.

What is the issue?

   *-- Adding time constraints to subtypes --*
  DATA: wa_0071  TYPE pa0071,
        wa_0057  TYPE pa0057,
        wa_p0057 TYPE p0057,
        wa_p0071 TYPE p0071,
        lv_begda TYPE pa0071-begda,
        lv_endda TYPE pa0071-endda.

  DATA : return  TYPE  bapireturn1,
         key     TYPE  bapipakey.

  CLEAR : lv_begda, lv_endda.
  IF new_innnn-infty = '0057' AND ipsyst-ioper NE 'DEL'.

    SELECT SINGLE * FROM pa0057 INTO wa_0057
      WHERE pernr = new_innnn-pernr  AND
            begda LE new_innnn-begda AND
            endda GE new_innnn-begda AND
            subty NE new_innnn-subty.

    IF sy-subrc = 0.
      MESSAGE ID 'PG' TYPE 'W' NUMBER 204 WITH wa_0057-begda wa_0057-endda.

      IF ipsyst-ioper EQ 'COP' OR ipsyst-ioper EQ 'INS'.
        MOVE-CORRESPONDING wa_0057 TO wa_p0057.
        wa_p0057-infty = '0057'.
        lv_endda = new_innnn-begda - 1.

            number = wa_0057-pernr.

            infty         = '0057'
            number        = wa_0057-pernr
            subtype       = wa_0057-subty
            validityend   = wa_0057-endda
            validitybegin = wa_0057-begda
            recordnumber  = wa_0057-seqnr
            record        = wa_p0057
            operation     = 'MOD'
            nocommit      = ' '
            tclas         = 'A'
            dialog_mode   = '0'
            return        = return
            key           = key.

            number = wa_0057-pernr.


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Just in case someone is looking as to how this was resolved - the above functionality could not be met as the info-type characteristics do not allow to make the above type of change.

instead in the info-type user exit, I added a check which displayed an error to there were multiple records with same subtype in the same time period.