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HR Report to display headcount up to 10 levels of Org Units

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Hi Experts,

Can you please give steps for the following requirement.Is there any standards available.Please explain the procedure to create report.

Points will be awarded fot the suitable solutions.

The report shouldl query SAP for the number of employees based on the personnel area and sub area. The main reporting is based on the sub area. If the employee is in the India Pers Area the total number of employees from each sub area will have to be deducted from the headcount for that sub area and added to the India area for headcount totaling. For each of the areas/subareas we need to gather the total number of Active Employees, Temp Employees and Contractors. This information can be gathered from the employee group.

i/p filed available table

Key Date

Employment Status PA0000

Personnel Area PA0001

Personnel Sub Area PA0001

Employee Group PA0001

Employee Subgroup PA0001

C stands for column C2 c3 c4 will be filled by users after running report.

c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6

SEIM 70 9 4 Pers Sub Area - FIN

NGUYEN 25 0 1 Pers Sub Area - MKT

LUHR 120 3 4 Pers Sub Area - SLS

DREW 532 78 2 Pers Sub Area u2013 OPS

CHOMA 35 2 6 Pers Sub Area u2013 ODLP

LIPPS 3 0 0 Pers Sub Area - GAA

INDIA 79 0 0 Pers Area - IND

TOTAL 864 92 17 0

Thanks and Regards,



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You can try program RHINFT00 with an evaluation path (you can also use transaction PPSS, also this transaction has a very usefull F4 functionality no evaluation paths)

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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If you want to read the org unit hierarchy from the org structure, tables HRP1001 and HRP1000 should

have all the information you need. HRP1001 hold the relationships between the org structure objects

and HRP1000 holds information about each object.

If you don't want to do the selects yourself, there is a very useful function module called

RH_STRUC_GET which does the same sort of thing ie reads the relationships between org structure objects

using whatever evaluation path you pass in in parameter ACT_WEGID..