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HR Master Data change distribution PFAL

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Hi All,

        I am using PFAL transaction to send the HR master data changes. My understanding is PFAL will send only the HR Master data changes.

    Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

        My case is , for example if we have a PERNR , and the infotype changes associated to this PERNR were already sent through PFAL.

   There is no changes happened to this PERNR further for a long time.

         Now i need the same PERNR need to be send again without changes.


        I tried to use both UPDATE and INSERT Modes. No use. Please guide me.

Thanks in Advance.


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Kindly used bellow functional module to do it.


infty - Infotype being updated 

objectid - object id from infotype 

number - Personnel number 

validityend - validity end date 

validitybegin - validity begin date 

record - infotype record values to be updated, inserted etc (will be structure of infortyoe you are updating) 

recordnumber - sequence nunber from infotype record you are updating 

Operation - describes what operation is to be performed

COP     = Copy

DEL     = Delete

DIS     = Display

EDQ     = Lock/unlock

INS     = Create

LIS9     = Delimit

MOD     = Change

INSS     = Create for Actions is not converted to Change 

nocommit - commit yes('X') / no(' ') 

dialog_mode - dialog mode or not, default is '0'

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Thanks for the reply Nawanandana.

  Using this 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION' function module i can change. But unfortunately i do not have authorizations to run a FM in production system. Also i am not authorized to change employee data using PA30.

Is there any other way to overcome this.