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HR Logged data

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Hi Guys

Is there a table where modified HR data kept?

Basically I have to write a small audit program that will identify records that have been modified by the person who is the subject of that record i.e. somebody has changed their own record.

I need to display before and after values and also who has made the change and when.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


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You can use the standard report RPUAUD00 for this purpose and works for all infotypes.

T Code Description


PC00_M16_UAUD Payroll audit trail

S_AHR_61015505 Logged Changes in Infotype Data

S_AHR_61016380 Logged Changes in Infotype Data

S_ALR_87014081 Logged Changes in Infotype Data



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There is a std. program RPUAUD00 that does this task for all PA infotypes

For changes to infotype fields (change, create, delete) are recorded as documents, you must make sure that these fields are maintained in the views HR Documents: Infotypes to be Logged (V_T585A), HR Documents: Field Group Definition (V_T585B) and HR Documents: Field Group Characteristics (V_T585C).

For further details read the doc.

If it is not the infotypes that you are after then you can always set the base table to log chnages and then use another std. program let me know if you want the details of that.


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I've had a look at the documentation you suggested and also program RPUAUD00.

The program seems quite complex and I'm quite new to SAP and ABAP.

So what's the underlying table where old and new values are kept when an infotype is changed.