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Howto find BAPI/FM for a certain purpose...

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I'm having trouble finding some BAPI/FM that does this kind of stuff.

1. Get a list of PurchaseOrders based on WERKS and MATNR. Output should be EBELN, DATE, QTY ...

2. Get a list of SalesOrders that are not yet delivered, based on WERKS MATNR. Output VBELN etc...

3. Get a list of item child. Based on a Mother Matnr as input.

4. Pointers in how to find BAPI/FM in the future....



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You can use fm CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 to get BOM details.

To look for a BAPI, one way is to go to transaction BAPI. Check for the appropriate object. There are methods listed in this transaction application componentwise. Look for the correct method and you can see the associated function modules / BAPIs.

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I would first go to transaction BAPI. There is lists all of the BAPIs, you can then look thru them by business object.


Rich HEilman

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Check BAPI transaction & search for the one you need.

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If u know the Business Object

Go with Business Object to transaction SWO2 to find the methods.

or Go to Function Group for a particular Process

and look for FMs