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how will i know if i can apply this sap note 1157769 can be applied

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Dear All,

how will i know if i can apply this sap note 1157769 can be applied to my 3.1 i SAP system.

These are the details found at the foot of the note.

Here is DO NOT see 3.1i mentioned anywhere.

So, does this mean that i cannot apply this on my 3.1i system?

714940 711 711 SAP_ABA C S7EK003050 19.11.2008 06:05:37

986390 620 620 SAP_ABA C S6BK039820 03.06.2008 06:22:53

986391 640 640 SAP_ABA C S6DK036893 03.06.2008 06:23:20

986392 700 700 SAP_ABA C S7BK037611 03.06.2008 05:55:36

986393 46C 46C SAP_ABA C S9CK009213 03.06.2008 06:29:24

986480 710 710 SAP_ABA C S7CK010708 27.05.2008 05:34:21




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check from the transscation SNOTE.


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check from the transscation SNOTE.

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Hi Thej,

go to T-code>Snote> from Menu goto>Browse sap note>Enter sap note-->and check the status ..

-->See the Processing Status in the Right side Properties and Status..



Edited by: Prabhu Das on Apr 16, 2009 6:56 PM

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hi this is not applicable for the version 3.1 ..

see this from the note documentation..

Valid Releases

SAP Application Basis








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See transaction SNOTE for note details.

Steps to Install SAP Note

1. Check Note Validity

a. Log on to SAPNet (or use SAP Service Marketplace on the Web)

i. Click Gen. Functions

ii. Click Display

iii. Enter note # and click Execute

iv. Click Note Administration

v. Click Support Package Tab to display note package level

If no value exists for package level

a. Follow the steps in the Solution to apply the note

b. Go to transaction code spam

i. Click Package Level to display current package level

c. Compare note package level with current package level

i. If note package level < or = current package level, note has already been applied through support packages.

No additional steps necessary

ii. If note package level > current package level, note must be applied. Go to Step 2

2. Go to transaction code snote

3. Download SAP note

a. Click Goto à Download SAP note

b. Enter note #

c. Click Execute

4. Implement SAP Note

a. Select note and click Implement SAP Note icon

b. Request u2013 Click Create; Enter note # and description

c. Take note of transport #

5. Test transport before migration

a. Notify requestor to verify changes before migrating to the next environment

b. After thorough testing has been completed, release transport

c. Migrate transport to the other environments


Lalit Mohan Gupta.

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Dear All,

Prasanth Maddela

Prabhu Das

Venkat Appikonda

Lalit Mohan Gupta

Thank you so much.

Thanks for all the help.



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Please mark the question as answered, if you got the solution.

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Dear All,

Thanks for all your help and your answers sure helped in finding a solution.

The note does not support 3.1 release .moreover, SAP does not support 3.1.

The customer wanted to know if we can still accomodate the coding to fix the issue.

So we are trying out the same.Only challenge we have here is to look into the pre-requisites before applying the note.

The thread is answered.



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Thanks for all your help.

My query here is answered.