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How to write code(logic)

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I have one internal table with data

a 1

b 1

c 1

d 2

e 2

and another internal table with data

A 1

B 1

C 2

D 2

E 2

Now my requirement is i want to combine these 2 tables to get the result like

a 1 A

b 1 B

c 1 -

d 2 C

e 2 D

- 2 E

can anyone tell me how to write the code to get this


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What have you come up with so far?

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data : begin of itab1 occurs 0,

field1 type c,

field2 type c,

end of itab1 .

data : begin of itab2 occurs 0,

field1 type c,

field2 type c,

end of itab2 .

data : begin of itab3 occurs 0,

field1 type c,

field2 type c,

field2 type c,

end of itab3 .

....get the values to itab1 and 2...

loop at itab1.

read table itab2 ignoring case with key field1 = itab1-field1 field2 = itab1-field2 ignoring case .

if sy-subrc = 0.

itab3-field3 = itab2-field1.


itab3-field1 = itab1-field1.

itab3-field2 = itab1-field1.

append itab3.

cleat itab3.

delete itab1.


loop at itab2.

read table itab3 with key field3 = itab2-field1 field2 = itab2-field2 .

if sy-subrc <> 0

itab3-field2 = itab2-fiedld2.

itab3-field3 = itab2-fiedld1.

append itab3.

clear itab3.



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