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How to use standard IDOC - SHPMNT04

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Hi Experts

Please help me out in IDOC's

I am new to IDOC's and i have to use SHPMNT04 IDOC .

Can any one help me from where i have to start and what to do ?

Thanks & Regards



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Hi Shaveta,

do you need to send the IDoc or process and inbound IDoc? Sending is done from a shipment (VT0xN) as an output for application V7. You need to create the partner communication settings for it in WE20. Have a look in transaction NACE for all settings for application V7 (Transport).

Receiving would be also be WE20 settings. Keep in mind that SAP will not by default copy the original shipment number but give a new number in the receiving system.


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Hi Shaveta,

IDoc or Intermediate Document is a standard SAP document format. IDocs allow different application systems to be linked via a message-based interface.

There are three main aims behind the use of IDocs:

The structured exchange of business documents so that they can be processed automatically.

The various degrees of structural complexity as displayed by different application systems can be reduced to a structure which is as simple as possible.

Example: the structure of an SAP application document and the structure of the corresponding EDI message under the UN/EDIFACT standard.

IDocs allow for extensive exception handling before the data are posted to the application.

IDocs are defined and considered on two levels, the technical and the business level. The former allows them to support application-independent functions, e.g. routing and handling technical exceptions.

Technical level

Defined by the three record types compatible with the IDoc interface:

Control record

Data record

Status record

Business level

Defined by the segments of an IDoc. Segments are structures used to interpret field SDATA in the data record. An IDoc type is defined by the relevant:


Attributes of these segments

(e.g. maximum usage, hierarchical sequence, segment status)

This is the only information i can provide it to you.

If useful please reward points

Thanks & Regards,

Adarsh Srivastava

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You did not mention clearly as it is Outbound or Inbound.

I mentioned some points below by considering as it is Outbound IDoc.

1. Finding IDoc type (Basic or Custom IDoc)

Find the fields from FMD those are available in standard IDoc or not. If not any fields availble in std IDoc you should create extension IDoc by adding new segments. And populate this segments in function exit in standard function module (Ex: IDOC_OUPUT_<Message type of SHPMNT04>).

If all the fields availble in std IDoc, you don't need to do any thing. Just you have to do configurations only .

2. Target system details (SAP or NON-SAP systems)

If it is non-sap system,

find the volume of records in single IDoc, means single record from single IDoc or multiple records from single record.

if it is single record from single IDoc, you can use message control method otherwise you have to use stand-alone method (by using MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE function module).

If these points are clear,

let me know your interest on these.

So that I will provide procedure, configuration and other details.

reward points if it is useful.