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How to use SELECT statement to extract KNA1-NAME1 and KNB1-ZSABE

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In building table I_KNA1 in form f_extract_data, an additional select statement is needed to select and append datafrom (KNA1 and KNB1) to existing I_KNA1

In form f_extract_data table i_kna1 is populated with data from zd_kna101.(where ZD_KNA101 is a view of KNA1, KNB1 and KNBK. It's a joint of these three tables.) This will take care of all customers with KNBK-BANKL and KNBK-BANLN populated. But this does not include new customers created in SAP CRM (no KNBK records). Therefore a separate SELECT statement is needed to extract KNA1-NAME1 and KNB1-ZSABE for customers created in SAP CRM(the customers who do do not have BANKL and BANKN). These selected records are then need to be appended to I_KNA1. It's possible that new selection statement might extract records that are already in existing I_KNA1 table. IF this is the case, right after the append, sort I_KNA1 and remove duplicate records.


form f_extract_data.

select kunnr " Customer Number

name1 " Name

zsabe " Business Unit

bankl " Legacy Bank Key

bankn " Legacy Bank Account

from zd_kna101 " View of KNA1, KNB1, and KNBK

into table i_kna1

for all entries in i_doc_by_ref

where kunnr = i_doc_by_ref-kunnr

and zsabe in s_zsabe.

if sy-subrc <> 0.

message a116 with 'customer'. " Customer Table is empty. HALT!!!


sort i_kna1 by kunnr.



will I have to use the join statement(for KNA1-NAME1 and KNB1-ZSABE using the key as KUNNR) here or give two seperate select statements for extracting data from KNA1 and KNB1 using the key as KUNNR.



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Hi Andy,

<b>A join on KNA1 and KNB1 will do</b>. Join these two tables <b>on kunnr</b> and get your KNA1-name1 and KNB1-ZSABE.




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Hi Andy,

<b>A join on KNA1 and KNB1 will do</b>. Join these two tables <b>on kunnr</b> and get your KNA1-name1 and KNB1-ZSABE.



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I would suggest using the join on KUNNR. Maybe something like this.

data: begin of itab occurs 0,
      kunnr type kna1-kunnr,
      name1 type kna1-name1,
      ZSABE type knb1-ZSABE,
      end of itab.

    select kna1~kunnr kna1~name1 knb1~zsabe
           into table itab
                from kna1
                   inner join knb1
                        on kna1~kunnr = knb1~kunnr
                               where ........


Rich Heilman

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Thanks Rich for reply I have to check whether it works or not.I also don't know how to use the syntax for JOIN statement

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data : itab type standard table of zd_kna101,

wa type zd_kna101.

select kna1name knb1zsabe knb1~kunnr

from kna1 inner join knb1

on kna1name = knb1name into corresponding fields of table itab.

loop at itab into wa.

read table i_kna1 into w_kna1 with key name = wa-name.

if sy-subrc eq 0.

delete itab where name = wa-name.


append wa to i_kna1.



Hope this will help.

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you can use a db-view too:

select name1 zsabe kunnr

from VF_DEBI


regards Andreas