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How to use Multiple Logos in One Smart Form?

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I have a client where they will have 2 logos for, e.g. "Invoicing" and want the form to decide which logo to print (based on plant code).

We are using Smartforms.

They want to use one form and based on the plant code - the form should determine which logo to print in the upper left corner of the invoice - how do you do this?

This is not like having text to print on the form in the same place - my understanding is the logo is NOT some variable you can "clear" in the program and then use the logo you wish to show up on the printout.

Does this have something to do with using multiple layouts within the same form? You define a layout for each logo and then within the Smartform logic determine which layout to print? And if that is true - does someone have sample code of how they determined which layout to use?

Thanks - and as always - points rewarded where helpfull!



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you can create a condition node (ALTERNATIVE) and assign different graphic windows, one for true condition and one for false condition.



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Hi Scott,

Create two Graphics in Smartform window & place them wherver you want in the smart form.

Now in Graphics node, you can find 'Conditions' tab, under this you can give the conditions.

Hope this clue wil help you



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i suggest u to use the alternative node in the smart form

if it is true print smartform otherwise print another