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How to upload and download a query

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Hi all,

I have created a query and attached a transaction to it through the program which got generated in the background. .


But when i downloaded and uploaded the same query into another server,the program

generated from the query gets changed and transaction is not working since it is attached

to another program in the previous server.

Please help me out So that i can carry the query forward along with the transaction.


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Hi Karthik,

As because program got changed so there are some problem during download or upload.

So upload and download it again .

I think you need to create the transaction again in the 2nd server.



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hi karthick ,

run this report in SE38 RSAQR3TR,

and supply the targeted system , see this link also




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> Check the program name which has been created automatically in the second server.

> Create and assign a new transaction for the program ( Or assign the program name to the Old Tr)

> Transport the same to Second Server.



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Hi John,

I got your point but the second server is a Production server,So i cannot requests in that server.......

I cant create another transaction with program which have been generated in the second server

becoz the program is not available in the first server.............and even i cannot copy programs

since they are standard programs............

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Change your transaction to a parameter transaction with reference to START_REPORT transaction

You can give it the name of your query and you don't have to worry about the generated program name changing in each system.

See this thread...

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Hi Veera,

Please refer my replies in this [thread|;.

Let me know if it helps.



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Hi Veera,

Because Query has restriction with user and client dependant, we need to use different approach.

One simple approach which works well is:

1) Once you get the system generated program, go to SE38, and copy the same program with a


2) Assign the Z_xxxx_Report to a transport request and get it transported to Production server or other client.

Hope this works well.


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Hi thank a lot for all them who helped me to reach the solution ........

Hope the support continues in the future

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