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How to transport a request from development to production

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How to transport a request from development to production please let me know the procedure .


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hi Ravi,

this will take care by the Basis people or Lead or PM not by you..

no need worry abt that.

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please give me your e mail id i will forward you 1 doc with step by step procedure for everything reagrding transports.

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Hi Ravi,

In order to transport the request from Deveploment to Production,please follow the steps below.

1.Release the transport request in the develpment client by going to the T-code SE09 and checking the Modifiable checkbox at the bottom of the screen with the Username who has created the request.

2.Now go to the Quality client,T-code STMS and click on the Truck icon(Import Overview) and then it takes you to another screen where double click on your Quality client name,SRQ, for example option listed with the SRD and SRP.

3.In the new screen,go to the last page of the window and select the request that you have just released in the Development client and click on the Truck icon again,the one which says transport single request only.

4.A pop up window appears,go to the second tab in that and select the Asynchronous radio button.

5.Click Yes on the next screen and in this way the request gets transported.

6.Similarly, you can transport it to Production once it is transported to the Quality client.

In case you have any further clarifications,do let me know.


Puneet Jhari.

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To transport a request to production, it needs to be released from the previous system as per the system landscape of SAP.

for eg: DEV - > TEST - > PROD.

In the above landscape SAP system is divided into three Development, Test and Production and a transport will always move from Dev to Test, and from Test to Prod system.

To transport a request from one system to other, the request needs to be released through SE09 transaction.

Every request will contain tasks, first these tasks needs to be released to the corresponding request, inorder to release the request to further systems(For eg: DEV to TEST system).

Using SE09: we need to position on the task first and by following the menu path Request/Task -> Release -> Directly

we can release the tasks to request.

Once all the tasks associated with the request are released to it, finally the request can be released by following the same procedure as mentioned above.

i.e,position on the transport, goto Request/Task -> Release -> Directly.

Once the above step is done, transport will be released to further system configured.

NOTE: Before releasing the task to request,one should do a consistency check by folowing the menu path Request/Task -> Complete Check -> Objects(syntax).This will ensure that all the objects are correct and can be transferred to further system without any issues.

Hope this gives some info about releasing transport.



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ask u r basis person to enable the transport layer........they will take care of the destination servers......after they enabling the transport layer ...............go to se09 or se10...form there first release u r tasks ..then release u r requst........

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Dear Raj,

in a same server but between the different Client we use the transction the SCC1. Check if it helpfull to u.

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