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How to submit program after database commit of CJ20N

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Hello experts,

I need to submit a executed program after a project or wbs element is created. I try to use badi WORKBREAKDOWN_UPDATE and PROJECTDEF_UPDATE to do that. But these badi were working when database not commit.

How can i be sure to submit my program after the database COMMIT of the CJ20N?

Thanks a lot for your time.




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One of the possibilities is to set a handler on the event TRANSACTION_FINISHED of class CL_SYSTEM_TRANSACTION_STATE, so that to trigger your own method. The event is raised both for COMMIT WORK and ROLLBACK WORK, so test the parameter KIND for the value CL_SYSTEM_TRANSACTION_STATE=>COMMIT_WORK (not rollback).

See the ABAP documentation for more information.

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Hello nguyencongson1807_96

I can basically see two options:

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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