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How to submit a PDF document to spool request by coding

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Hi experts,

I have a pdf document that is stored somewhere in SAP system, for example MIME repository. So I can read this PDF document and get its content as an xstring.

I know SAP can print a smartform directly by calling its function module, or submit a program (list output) to SAP-SPOOL to generate a spool request.

But how can I submit a document or an xstring which presents the content of a document to spool request in order to print it out?

Or should I do it in some other way?

Any of the suggestion or hint will be help.



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Just see this link.

Regards and Best wishes.

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Hi Kiran,

Thanks for reply.

But that seems not be an answer to my question.

My problem is to convert the PDF (or some other document) to spool request.

The above wiki link is the reversed way which is not what I want.

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We have checked it with SAP and it seems no solution for printing a pdf doc by coding.

The final workaround is to use an virtual printer or some converter on PC to convert the pages in that pdf document into BMP files. Then upload those BMP files in t-code se78 and build a smartform to include them.

It is convenient to use the printing function of smartforms in ABAP coding.