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How to Split an outbound CREMAS idoc into multiple idocs ?? Help!!

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Hello Everyone,

I have a requirement to split the vendor master CREMAS idoc into multiple idocs because due to the huge amount of data target system is unable to process it at once.

Please help if any one have faced this issue.


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your need is not clear... One CREMAS IDoc = One vendor, then no split to do.
But I guess you send several vendors master data to one ALE partner, and it's at partner level that you want to generate 1 IDoc per vendor. If yes, check WE20 for ALE partner and set pack size to 1 in outbound parameters...

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Hi Stanislas,

Thanks for responding

Requirement is like we have a vendor extract which is generating a single idoc of message type CREMAS.

there is huge amount data around 25k in the idoc so business want to split it into multple idoc of 1000 vendor per idoc.

Please can you suggest how to do this.

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I chekced in WE20 pack size is already 1 for this one.

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Then very strange... No other idea for the moment !