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How to skip the blank pages(Multiple) in smart forms



I got a requirement to skip blank pages/pages with condition. I read many blogs about it but those are not suitable for my requirement.


I designed a smart form pages flow like below.

Page1(Header: Having Main Window) -> Next page : Page2

Page2(Item: Having Main Window)-> Next page: Page2-> Command node(If condition satisfy Next page: Page3)

Page3(Terms & Condition with no Main Window)->Next page: Page4

Page4(Terms & Condition for special company codes with no Main Window)->Next page: BLANK

Ideally it should print all pages but based on some conditions i need to skip Page 3 and Page4.

Now if page3 is blank, remove page 3 from list(Command node might help)

If Page 4 is blank, remove page 4 from list

(New command, I'm not able to add, it required main window in Page3, If created new main window and used command it is not working, if I copy existing main window and used command also not working)

I made change Page3->Next page : Page 3 -> Commend in new/copied main window Next page : Page4

If both are blank I need to skip both pages.

I tried with Command, it is not working for page 4.

How to handle this situation?

Thanks in advance..