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How to set an default value into VL03n->HeaderInformation->Conditions ?

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Hi, experts.

How to set an default value into VL03n->HeaderInformation->Conditions ?
I want ZF00 to count aotomaticly (2.5 %) , like zwb1 ( 20%) .
When i add ZF00 manually and press reacticate it counts correctly (second line of ZF00 at img2), but do it automaticly.







Active Contributor

Hello @shiz0frenik 

Looks like you have customized ZF00 condition type but you are missing the condition type determination settings. A condition is automatically determined with Condition Technique 


However the catch is that your condition type is a header level one. As per SAP Help on Header and Item Conditions:

Header Conditions
Automatic pricing does not take header conditions into account; you can not create condition records for them in the standard system. Header conditions are entered manually in order processing.

So you want a condition type to be determined automatically you need to defined it as an item level condition.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski


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Hi, @DominikTylczyn 
I tried to change it to item level, the only thing that changed - i cannot add it manually anymore.
ZWB1 - doesn't have any access seq.
And i still don't understand where it getting 20%.
The ZW01, which  occurs earler at procedure has the access type - ZMWS. But there no values like 20%.(img2).



P.S. I found maybe it getting from OBQ1 t-code (img3), Tax Code - E3.
I copied Cond.type (ZWB1 to ZF00 ) , but there are no record for access in it



Solved with adding ZF00 into OBQ1 t-code, with the same access seq. as at ZWB1 
And add a percentage into FTXP t-code.
I don't have an access seq. at V/06 and i think it's getting from OBQ1 in this case.
But application type has changed to TX, it was V before.