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How to send big size xml file to ftp server

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Hey folks,

Hope you all are learning and growing in your life.

I have one issue in sending xml file to ftp server.

Whenever I send XML file to FTP server, the data is getting truncated.

Maybe the size of xml file is big or I have to split the xml data.

Please suggest any way in which I can send all the XML data to FTP Server without losing any record.


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Without the code, it will be a crystal ball stuff

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How do you connect to the FTP-server and transfer the data in detail?

There are several ways to achieve this. Would be great if you give us some more information

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Common ABAP mistake when working with files (in binary format) is not to specify exact file size. This often truncate or enlarges the file and make it unreadable. Are you taking care of binary file size in your code?

-- Tomas --