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How to send 10000 records to RFC in packets of 1000 records

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Hi Folks,

I have to send some 10k record to a rfc and that RFC will return the details of those 10k records.

Now since the processing time for all the 10k records crosses 5 hrs, RFC connection is getting failed.

So i want to send the data in packets of lets say 1000 , so that system will process only 1000 records at a time.

The main important logic is, the 1000 records which has been processes first time should not get process in next time.

Note: I dont know the exact numbers of records, but most of the time more than 10k

What would be the most efficient way to implement this logic.




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Well you can put a counter inside teh loop.

Count the number of rows and decide a package size accordingly.

Add the entries upto package size to anotehr internal table and pass it to the RFC for furtehr processing.

Delete these entries from the original internal table.

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itab_10k -> internal table that consists of records to be processed by RFC.

itab_rfc -> internal table that consists of records to be passed to RFC say 1000 at a time.

Now, say for 1000 records the RFC is taking reasonable amount of time and acknowledging with the results. itab_results.

data: counter type i.

Loop at itab_10k into wa_10k.

add 1 to i.

append wa_10k to itab_rfc.

if i = 1000.

pass itab_rfc to the RFC.

append the results table obtained after calling RFC to the itab_results.

refresh itab_rfc.
clear i.


clear: wa_10k.


if not i is initial.

pass itab_rfc to the RFC.

append the results table to the itab_results.

refresh itab_rfc.


By now all the records are processed and the data is available in itab_results.