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How to run performance trace on a program

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Hi All,

I need to run pefromance trace on a program that I will run in background. I think I have to use ST05 to run SQL trace. Could someone please confirm the steps?

1) Go to ST05

2) Activate trace with filter

3) Run the program in background

I am not sure about the steps after this. How do I view the report while trace is running? Should I wait till the program ends to view the report? It is taking a long time to run. Should I do any other performance analysis other than ST05?




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1) Go to ST05

2) Activate trace with filter

3) Run the program in background

4) as you get the output.

5) go to ST05 nad deactivate the trace

6) click on analyse button.

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Once you finish running ur report, stop the trace.Else it will still trace all the actions u r doing also.

After stoping the trace, just open the trace and analyse.By looking at the trace, u will get to know which query in which table is taking more time and try 2 tune accordingly.



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Check this thread for ST05 for a program running in background.



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Hi Mithun.

I would like to suggest a few references,

[SDN Library - Standard Reference - How to analyze performance problems - Trace|]

[SDN Library - Standard Reference for Performance Analysis in a Nutshell|]

[SDN Library - Standard Reference - Best Practices for Performance Tuning|]

Hope that's usefull.

Good Luck & Regards.

Harsh Dave

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follow steps given below

enter tcode ST05

Activate trace

Run the program in background

Now again open ST05 and click on analysis button



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hi check this...

it is better to put the time stamp field for the select to capture the execution time for that select rather than using the st05