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How to rotate the TEXT field in smartform by 180?

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I have smartform in which same content is present in both halves.

Now business requirement is to rotate upper half by 180(I have rotate each text by 180); so that after folding at center they would be able to see the same content upside down.

I know that we can perform opertations on QR codes using smartstyle but not sure about texts.

Can anyone suggest if it is possible to rotate the text by 180?


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I guess it's something to be done using a Print Control (via a Command node). You'll define the value of the Print Control for each printer language in SPAD. You'll need to learn the rotation code for the printer languages that your company is using. There are SAP Notes for ZPL. I see this answer for PCL.

I don't know if it's possible to rotate a whole half of page with just one print control. I think it would be very difficult.

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Try this:

  1. Reverse the lines first into a separate temporary internal table
  2. Find a good upside-down font to use on the internet and get the TTF file.
  3. Upload the upside down font using SE73
  4. Build the first window to print left aligned, using normal data table, using normal font
  5. Build the 2nd window to print right aligned, using reversed data table, using upside-down font

Note: The print preview within SAP will not show the inverted font correctly due to limitations of GUI. Don't worry about that.

Output from my test: