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How to replace the XML root tag

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Hi All,

how to replace the root tag with the certain string in ABAP Mapping

just like

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>












<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>











the following is my abap code:


  • initialize iXML

type-pools: ixml.

class cl_ixml definition load.

  • create main factory

data: ixmlfactory type ref to if_ixml.

ixmlfactory = cl_ixml=>create( ).

  • create stream factory

data: streamfactory type ref to if_ixml_stream_factory.

streamfactory = ixmlfactory->create_stream_factory( ).

  • create input stream

data: istream type ref to if_ixml_istream.

istream = streamfactory->create_istream_xstring( source ).

  • parse input document =================================================

  • initialize input document

data: idocument type ref to if_ixml_document.

idocument = ixmlfactory->create_document( ).

  • parse input document

data: iparser type ref to if_ixml_parser.

iparser = ixmlfactory->create_parser( stream_factory = streamfactory

istream = istream

document = idocument ).

iparser->parse( ).

  • get message content of tag root element

data: l_root type ref to if_ixml_element.

l_root = idocument->get_root_element( ).

data: l_children type ref to IF_IXML_NODE_LIST.

l_children = l_root->GET_CHILDREN( ).

    • build up output document =============================================

    • create output document

data: odocument type ref to if_ixml_document.

odocument = ixmlfactory->create_document( ).

  • create the root element

data: root type ref to if_ixml_node.

root = odocument->create_element( name = 'myRoot' ).

*append the children to the new tag

data: l_index type i.

data: l_length type i.

data irc type i.

data: temp_node type ref to IF_IXML_NODE.

l_length = l_children->get_length( ).

while ( l_index < l_length ).

temp_node = l_children->get_item( l_index ).

irc = root->append_child( temp_node ).

l_index = l_index + 1.


odocument->append_child( root ).

data: ostream type ref to if_ixml_ostream.

ostream = streamfactory->create_ostream_xstring( result ).

  • create renderer

data: renderer type ref to if_ixml_renderer.

renderer = ixmlfactory->create_renderer( ostream = ostream

document = odocument ).

irc = renderer->render( ).


but i only got header in my xml without Body element

help me please

thanks in advance


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Hi Lawrence,

did you got the solution? I am also having the same kind of requirement and to add two attributes to the root element.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding ="UTF-8"?>
<Response IssuerID="1" Version="11.3">
  -Child elemetn
  -Child element2

here Response is the root element and the attributes are IssuerID and Version.

Can you please suggest how can we get this.



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Got it.

Just need to create the root element and set the attributes using the set_attribute method.

w_element_inv1  = w_document->create_simple_element(
                  name = 'OrbiscomRequest'
                  parent = w_document ).

      w_element_inv1->set_attribute( name = 'Version'
                                     namespace = ''
                                     value = '11.1' ).

      w_element_inv1->set_attribute( name = 'IssuerID'
                                     namespace = ''
                                     value = '1' ).

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To do that, the following can be done

lif_ixml_document is the factory

lif_ixml_elementn is the new root

lif_ixml_elemento is the old root

lif_ixml_elemento = lif_ixml_document->get_root_element( ).

lif_ixml_elementn = lif_ixml_document->create_simple_element_ns( name = 'myroot' parent = lif_ixml_document ).

lif_ixml_elementn->if_ixml_node~append_child( lif_ixml_elemento ).