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How to Print Vertical and Horizontal Text Elements in same page with Smartforms using Zebra Printer

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Hello experts,

I have around 1 week with this dilemma, unfortunately I can't find a solution by myself. I'll explain:

I Developed a Abap Program which create a lable using a smartforms which was alse created by myself. This lable will be printed using a Zebra printer model ZT500. I included in my Main window an additional window on the left side, because a specific data (Variable) should be printed vertical in that left side. I saw many documents from Zebra, I created the ZPL Print Control which I called ZPLRO (RO = Rotated) and assigned the Commando ^FWB )The content must be rotated on 270 degrees, that means should be read it from bottom up).

In my Smartforms I created a window with the commando line and the text element that must be rotated. But unfortunately when I run the program or execute my smartforms with F8 to see the preview, everything is perfect except my data that should be rotated. Is there anything to do directly in the Printer ? Am I doing something wrong ? what else I can do achieve my goals wih my label and get that left data rotated as I need ? I know that there are other questions about this, but did'nt find the answer or the right solution about how to make it work. Can anyone with some experience or knowledge here help me out?

Thanks a lot in advance, any help will be very appreciated.



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A print control is specific to a printer language, the print preview is not intended to simulate the printer languages, it's why you don't see the same thing. Print preview can only simulate the position of texts, images, things like that.

You must PRINT to test the form.

(if your form is to be printed on printers with different printer languages, you must do the test for all printer languages, because the print control is assigned one character sequence per printer language, or to be more exact, one per device type).