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How to print a label with an image on Intermec printer

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I'm trying to print a label containing an image, on an Intermec printer. The process I use works perfectly when the label doesn't have an image, but it seems that my current process isn't possible for a label with an image (coded for IPL printer) Since the printer is an Intermec, the label needs to be coded in IPL language.

I use the label designer Codesoft to create the label and extract the IPL code in a text file. Then I put this code into SAPscript (or SO10 that is called on SAPscript). The SAPscript will create a spool that is send to the printer. Without an image, this works just fine.

Now when I add an image on the label designer, the IPL code is changed, in Notepad++, I can see special characters visible in UTF-8 format. The problem is that these special characters cannot be integrate in SAPscript (error message 00195 The input field contains prohibited characters (already deleted) )

Do you know another way to print a label with an image on Intermec printer with SAP ?