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How to pass a custom variant for the ALV list display?

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For my report the online layout and the background layout are different.

Background report has more fields.

Ny reuse_Alv_list_display in background is however picking the default layout from the first report and is showing less number of fields.

So, how do I pass a different layout / variant to the ALV_LIST_Display so that it shows all the fields.




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no solution so far. clsong as it is waiting for a long time

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nice to see someone tidy up a bit around here...

did you try something like

if sy-batch = 'X'.

is_variant-variant = 'BGD'.


is_variant-variant = 'ONL'.


but that's probably too simple, you must mean something else...

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The thing is -

The output of report is the Header Level details when executed in on-line or background.

But the requirement is to output Header + Item levels. So I wrote another ALV func mod but it gets triggered when sy-batch ='X'.

It does get trieggered but the output shows only the header details as it is pulling in the default layout which I can not change.

That is where I posted this message.

I however wrote a seaprate internal table and created the layout without referring to any of the tables being used prior to this.

That took care of the issue.

I however am not able to generate a custom layout and pass it as a variant.

I closed it as it did not get answered for quite sometime.


- Ven

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I am also having same problem. Solution Needed