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How to modify a read only field in SAP Txn to modifyable field

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There is an SAP transaction CC02, Program SAPMC29C, Screen 0110. On this screen when I modify the field "Valid From", belonging to Table Name RC29A, Field Name DATUV, Data Element CC_DATUV, we get an error message which needs to be suppressed. The error message gets triggered by a workflow. Below are the details of the workflow message.

Created       Consult1  on   06/30/2006   15:34:35  

Update was terminated

User.....   Consult1
Transaction..   CC02
Update key...   44A52A130759164FE10000000A010905
Generated....   30.06.2006, 15:34:33
Completed....   30.06.2006, 15:34:35

So here go the questions:

Is it possible to modify an SAP transaction CC02, Program SAPMC29C, Screen 0110, such that this error message can be suppressed.

If so, what should I do to modify the program such that the error message can be suppressed. Is there a way to do this in a way that the SAP transaction integrity is maintained, while the modification persists in case of an upgrade?

Any help would be appreciated. Any links, development procedures???

Thank You.



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This an UPDATE error.

Go to SM13 and see the update module which went into error.


Go to ST22 and see the short dump.

This will help you analyze the error.


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Thanks Kiran. The transaction SM13 is helpful. The program does not crash, so there is no short dump.

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There must have been a short dump in the update task. I am sure you will be able to see a short dump via SM13 otherwise you would have never received the "Update was terminated" message.


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Kiran, sorry for the confusion, there is a short dump at SM13 transaction. However, there is nothing related to this in the ST22 transaction.

Thank you for the help again

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I think so but you should explain us which modification you've done.


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When I looked at the details of the error in SM13, I got a short dump which looks like:

User:     Consult1  Client:   100 Transaction:CC02  
 Date:     07/04/2006        Time:     11:31:54
Report:   SAPMC29C                    
 Update key:   44A8047D57EA164FE10000000A010905
Status: Error                                                                                
Number Module name (function) Type    Status           
1      CCVB_EC_POST       V1 (no retry)Error            
2      CCVB_EC_POST_V2    V2           Initial          
3      CUVB_MODIFY_KNOWLEDGE V1        Initial          
4      CCVB_EC_POST_WF_V1 V1 (no retry) Initial         

From here I looked at the module CCVB_EC_POST for the field DATUV(Valid From field) which was giving me the error.

I have not solved this problem. I just have a good idea of where it occurs now.

I have no idea what to do about the error. I am just thinking of creating a Customer Message and direct it to SAP at this point.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You.

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Perhaps there's a conflict of data type when the fm CCVB_EC_POST.

Try to run the extended program check by SE38 for the std SAPMC29C.

I found this note: 192194.

It explains how to can the problem on errors not supported by SAP note:


4.c) Problems where an update termination occurs

You can use Transaction SM13 to display update records.

Update records contain the following information:

Function modules (update module);

You get the function modules by double-clicking on the update record.

Transferred data, for example document number;

You can display this data by placing the cursor on the update module and then selecting the "Spectacles" (menu: Goto -> Display data)

Cause of the error from ABAP/4 point of view (error message);

You can display the cause of the error by double-clicking on the update module.

Update status:

OK: The update request was executed without errors

V1: V1 part of the update request was executed without errors

del: Update request is deleted

run: Update request is currently being executed

auto: Update request is automatically updated later

init: Update request has not yet been executed

err: An error occurred during the execution

Possible solutions:

Update the terminated update record in Transaction SM13 for testing purposes. To do this, follow the menu path "Update records -> Test", and debug the program via the dump that possibly occurs.

V2 updates can generally be updated again.

In the case of V1 updates, you must check in the individual cases whether updating again is possible.If updating again is not allowed or not intended, the update record should first be documented and then deleted.In FI, the following reports are available for documentation:

RFVBER00 (document update terminations)

RFBNUM00 (determining number range gaps)

Analysis of the system log (SM21) at the time of termination:

The termination might be due to database problems.

Catchwords for note search:

"Update termination"

Error number

Update module