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how to make the vertical scrollbar moved automaticlly?

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I make a program using BDC to create POs.

In my bdc recording process, i only inserted a line material item , but now in my program i failed to insert material items over <b>7</b> because the screen only have 7 lines in default situation. how to solve this problem? thanks inadvance!


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You will have to pass the User command ( ok cade ) for page down in your BDC program.

( Instaed you may use BAPI_PO_CREATE , where you donot need to take care of GUI settings )


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Sanjay Sinha :

Thank you.

Could u give details? how to pass the User command ( ok code ) for page down in my BDC program?

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Hi guixin chen

But programming for the scroll bar is never a good idea...

Simply because thsi depends on the GUI settings on OS settings of the user.

and you cant possibly program to consider all this.

The best option as somebody suggested is to use teh bapi/fm.

If u r trying to add some items to the PO in BDC, you might also have the option through the menu to add a new item. use that instead of a scroll. This will make ur BDC GUI settings independant.



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Hi Rgds,Prashanth

My program is going to commite our client,so maybe i have no time to instead it.

I conducted the BDC record in ME21N.

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Firstly it is better to use a BAPI instead of BDC for Purchase Order

If you want to use BDC then you should use Transaction ME21 and not ME21N.

While recording the BDC in Transaction SHDB, you should make use of button 'Enter Lines' (on application Toolbar) everytime after you finish entering one line item. This way you will never run out of space for the line items

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As already said in my first reply, you cannot use ME21N for recording as this is a Enjoy Transaction not suitable for BDC. You should use ME21 instead.

You should also not use page down button in recording as number of lines on a screen are user ependant.

Best way is to use the 'enter lines' button.

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I would definitely say to use the 'enter lines ' solution but what happens when this is not available and there is no BAPI to use either?

I am trying to create a BDC to select lines in the flexible planning table in QM but to no avail. The /00 code that the recording dictates does not work and it is just ignored. Has anyone else created a BDC for copying inspection lots in SAP QM?