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How to make "Data Entry Profile" field input unable or display only in CAT2

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hi ,

I have requiremnet where I need to make "Data Entry Profile" field in the CAT2 transaction as Display only .That is for each user it should come as default one .

The reason behind this is , user should not change this Profile and maintain an incorrect timesheet entries.

Is there any User exit where i can do this ?

Let me know as this is very urgent requirement.

Points will be definately rewarded.

Thanks .


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Got SHD0 transaction and create screen variant for that transaction there you can disable that field.

Create Transaction variant for that transaction and assign previously created screen variant to this transaction varient. actiavte.

Reward if it helps,


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hi Satish

Thanks for the revert .

But can you please be ellabroative , as I am not much expereince on this part.

And i want "Data Entry Profile" fields needs to be visible on the screen just needs to make that as Display only so that user cannot edit that.

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1. Go to SHD0 Transaction

2. Entert Tcode as CAT2.

3. Create Screen variant from Screen variants tab, make field to diplay mode.

4. create transaction variant from transaction variants tab.

5. Assign above created screen variant to transaction varient created in step 4.

6. Activate transaction variant.

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any other way to achieve the above problem ??

Please let me knw , as this is very urgent requirement .


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I imagine you solved this already, since it's 4 years old. For giggles, did you try entering the profile in the user ID's defaults? You enter the key as CATS, then enter the profile name. It should default in when the user runs CAT2 and the field hides.