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How to join multiple tables with lfet outer join in SQ02

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I want to show all customer master data and check the customer's Bank informations.

Because some customer not maintain the bank information,So I have to use Left outer join.

I use SQ02 insert three tables KNA1 KNBK BNKA,the system default join type is inner join with

the three tables,I want change the link them like this:

KNA1-KUNNR left outer join KNBK-KUNNR and KNBK-BANKL left out join BNKA-BANKL,

The system only permit KNA1 left outer join KNBK,when I change the Link to Left outer join with

KNBK and BNKA, the system show this massage "Illegal left-outer-join chain between tabkes KNA1,KNBK and BNKA


Is that The Query not permit multiple table left outer join ?

How to slove my problem?Is there any other solution to meet my requirement?


yongqian wang

Edited by: yongqian wang on Oct 22, 2010 1:17 PM


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Yes, that's correct - you can't left outer join three tables in a query or quickview. However, do you really need a left outer join between KNBK and BNKA? Shouldn't that be an inner join anyway?

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Because some customer not maintain the bank information,But I want show all the customer's bank informations,So I want to use Query to meet my requirement.

How to slove my problem?


yongqian wang