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How to insert same data in key field

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I need to insert the same record in key field... Is it possible..?

i've seen in EKPO the PO number will be repeating for line items even though it is key i need the solution as it....can any one help me...


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The <b>entire</b> key needs to be unique. Table EKPO also includes the line item (EBELP). So all combinations of PO and item number are unique in this table.


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so how to make it as unique for entire field...can u send me an mail id is need with screen shots....

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What exactly is your problem?


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i've to insert the same data which is already there in table....

is it possible..?

particularly the key in EKPO....

the data is,

0001 001 anand 2000

0001 002 mohan 3000

i've to insert like this....the first two field is key field....

is it possible...?

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Well, you can't insert duplicate rows. As Naren said, you can create a new key field for the table.


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Create another key for the table..



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if i create another key field means it will get solved..?

ok i'l check it....

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Hey Mohan,

there might be more than one field under the PRIMARY KEY ....

suppose a table has fields A thro' K

and the primary key consists of fields A B C

now when u will insert values then values can be like follows


1 2 2

1 2 3

now u can consider A as ur PO number of EKPO table ... the combination of all the 3 fields should be different and should generate an unique entry

hope this will help

bbye tc


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Hi Mohan,

It is not possible to insert same value in a Primary Key field. Always, we can identify the unique records in the table only throught the primart key.It is impossible to violate Primary key definition.Even it is not possible to insert throught program.