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How to HOLD a running job ??

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is it possible to HOLD a running batch job in sap (ECC 6.0) ?

The problem is that we have a slow test-system, where a batch job is running, and it will run for about 4 days. it is a job after the system-upgrade to ECC 6.0.

For going on with working i want to HOLD the job during daytime, and then release it again without canceling it !!!

regards, Martin

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Martin Svik


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this is not possible....a running job can be can't be kept on hold for some time and again schedule it...

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i really CAN'T believe this ! every system i ever worked on has this option ! even every 'cheap' system. so i can't believe that 'superSAP' is not able to handle this

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By holding a running job would mean that background process are held for no reason. This in turn would slow down your system.

Instead try and find out why the job is taking 4 days to run. No job should take 4 days to run. What is the job doing.

SAP would not recommend to hold a running job. Just think about table locks. Then with new data being added to tables, where should the background job start again. There are many reasons why you shouldn't hold a background job.

How many systems have you worked on with this option. You say every 'cheap' system has this option. Maybe that is why they have that option. Cause they are CHEAP!!!!.

Having said that you could stop the job in debug mode. However, this would probably re-set itself after 10 mins of inactivity.

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i am working for over 15 years on iseries-system, and on windows-server. so everywhere you got this option !

the job is running up to 5 days ! see sap-note 28022 , even SAP ITSELF

says it is running that long. so don't say that there is no job running so long, you are wrong

and a 'hold job'-option MUST be that intellegence to handle table logs the right way. and a 'hold job' MUST release all resources for the time in hold-status.

its possible on OS-leven on OS/400 and also on windows.

regards, Martin

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Just because a couple of systems you have worked on do this functionality, you expect SAP to do it. You cannot assume that all systems have the same functionality. If you have been working for 15 years on these and you cannot accept systems being different then you have issues.

'so everywhere you got this option'. That is not entirely correct is it.

Just accept is cannot be done on SAP. Which does not give you the right to make comment and 'SuperSAP'.

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you sound like a sap-employee

i accept this fact (what else should i do), i love sap and i love to work with it, but for me it is a fact that such functions should be a standard. and with 'superSAP' i am just doing a little bit of a 'ironic' statment...........which was misunderstood by you. thats my way of communication. often hard, often ironic, but very directly. so don't take this to serious, okay ?

regards, Martin