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how to HIDE a disabled button in an application tool bar of standard tran..

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Hi All,

One button is in disabled mode in an application tool bar of standard transaction . I want hide this button and replace one more button on it. By using SHD0 transaction I am unable to hide the disabled button which is present in an application tool bar. Could you please provide solution for how to HIDE a button which is already in DISABLED mode.




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u can used

SET PF-STATUS <stat> [EXCLUDING <f>|<itab>]

[OF PROGRAM <prog>]


This statement sets the status <stat> for the current output list. The dialog status <stat> must be defined for the current program, unless you have used the OF PROGRAM addition to set a status from another program <prog>. The status is active for all subsequent list levels until you set another status. The SY-PFKEY system field always contains the status of the current list.

Using SET PF-STATUS, you can display different user interfaces for different list levels to provide the user with different functions according to the individual requirements. Use SET PF-STATUS SPACE to set the standard list status. This depends on the event blocks in the program, as described above.

The EXCLUDING option allows you to change the appearance and available functions of a status from within the program. This is useful if the individual user interfaces for a range of list levels are very similar. You can define a single global status, and then just deactivate the functions you do not need using EXCLUDING. Specify <f> to deactivate the function code stored in field <f>. Specify <itab> to deactivate all function codes stored in the internal table <itab>. Field <f> and the lines of table <itab> should be defined with reference to the system field SY-UCOMM.

The IMMEDIATELY addition is intended specially for list processing. You use it while creating a detail list within an event block to change the status of the list currently displayed (index SY-LISTI). Without this option, the system changes the status of the current secondary list (SY-LSIND) that is displayed only at the end of the processing block.

Go through below link to see more information

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