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How to give an error message when user clicks on "issue output to" of VF03 transaction?

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I need to give an error message for cancelled billing document number(VBRK-SFAKN), and therefore when user goes to VF03 and clicks on "Issue output to" it must give and error message .The driver program attached to Smartform is a standard program so I can't make changes into that.Please provide me a good solution .


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In my opinion, you can't without copying or enhancing the standard program.


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Can you help me in that ,I need to make enhancement in SAPMV60A and FCODE = DRCK when I debug the standard transaction VF03 .I have no idea for making enhancements.

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Hi again,

I'm not very sure since I haven't done that but you could try using the existing enhancement spots available in program MV60AF0F_FCODE_BEARBEITEN.

Search a bit in the forum about the use and the implementation of enhancements.

Good luck !

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You can handle this from the SMARTFORM aswell.

Display error message from your smartform.

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Hi, have you tried the above suggestion?

You can display messages from your smartform. I have tested this.

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How can I do it in Smartform??? Please give me a sample code or any example.

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You can do this in the INITIALIZATION tab of GLOBAL DEFINITIONS in your smartform.

I guess you must be importing the BILLING DOCUMENT in the FORM INTERFACE parameters.





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Hi Shiromani,

    have you tried to implement the output types using the NACE transaction. Here you can display the standard smart form itslef and before that you try and implement the Logic to check if the billing document is cancelled.

Hence the user will get the error message if the billing document is cancelled and you also need not change the Standard code.

Hope this helps.


Praveenkumar T.

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You should create Routine through VOFM to restrict creating output when Invoice is cancelled.

There is lot of information on creating routines and how to use them.

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Requirement routine only works for the initial output determination and is triggered when the document is saved. Cancellation occurs afterwards and at that time the output would have already been proposed. Also requirement routine does not prevent output from being added manually and menu 'Issue output' may be used to reprint existing output.

Other than using the already suggested enhancement point, a quick solution would be adding a text node, e.g. 'Invoice cancelled' in big letters in the Smartform to print for the cancelled invoices. This would also be helpful if output is processed by other means than using VF03 menu. Adding error message in the form is not really a good idea and I actually doubt it will be displayed to the users. At best it will appear in the processing log, I think.