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How to get the search result object after cv04n with ABAP?

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After performing the cv04n and we see the search result in a table, how can I access the file information in the search result table using ABAP? For example I want to write ABAP code that gets all the files returned in the search result page.

Any idea how I can do this?

Thank you



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in my eyes thats too complicated.

Since behind a search help most of the times a normal SELECT is hidden.

I hence it´s way easier to code this simple select than trying to get the result of teh search help.

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Ok, do you know if i can get the list of selected files from the search page. If a user selects more than one file after the cv04n how can i know which files were selected?

Thank You


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there is a FM available to get the list of attachments . i dont have access to system now, but i guess it starts with cv120*. check it out.