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How to get the list of attachments &Validate the URLs attaced Change Number

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Hi Gurus,

1. My requirement is to validate the URL prior to attaching to the Change number.

The URL can be attached to Change number from the path-

CC02 tcode: Environment->Display original->Create Attachment->

->Create external attachment(URL) (second icon)

Give URL name and Description then Click on Copy button.

Is is possible to change the Display Original option so that the URL can be validated before attaching to Change Number?

2._To validate the Attached URL (already attached to the change numbers)._

We can see the list of URLs attached from-

CC02 tcode: Environment->Display original-> Attachment list (third icon)

How to check if any Attachments exists for the change number? if any attached how to get the list? then Validate them before saving the Change number?

I cant find any User-exit or Badis to validate any of the above.

Please help me to pick the list of attachments and validate the URLs attached.

(Validate URL means- the URL attached should be able to open the file/folder without any error. For example D:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\SapWorkDir)

-->Is there anyway we can attach URL then validate if it is invalid the URL get deleted automatically and shown to the user saying the URL is deleted as it is Invalid?

Please help me to resolve my issue. Is there FMs or sample code which will be helpfull to me?




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I wonder, No response from Anybody.

Its not possible to change SAP standard functionality. Even there are no User-exits or Badi's related to GOS functionality for this requirement.

To get the list of attachments attached to the change number using FM.


I used TMP_GUI_GET_FILE_EXIST Function Module to check the list of URLs exists or not.

Closing the Issue.