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How to get Substring in ABAP

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Hi Experts,

I want to get the substring from a string. Actually I have material description which is "P KRA/KPC DCB 2.5X270 SAPH 341", in this material description substring "2.5X270" is the thickness of the material. I want to get this thickness in my report. All the material descriptions have thickness in them as above. I want to get this and the description length is different for materials and the thickness will be different also like "127X40.5" etc.

Please help me out.




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1st, you have to define the sign that "the thickness" is begin.

2nd, define how many lenght of "the thickness".

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I use " " (space) as separator to find "the thickness". Warning, you have to check all the combination of material description, since there is no solid separator to define "the thickness".


DATA: ld_string TYPE string,
       ld_result TYPE string,
       ld_starts TYPE i,
       ld_length TYPE i,
       ld_counts TYPE i,
       ld_founds TYPE i.

ld_string = 'P KRA/KPC DCB 2.5X270 SAPH 341'.
ld_length = strlen( ld_string ).

CLEAR ld_founds.
DO ld_length TIMES.
ld_counts = SY-INDEX - 1.
   IF ld_string+ld_counts(1) = ' '.
     IF ld_founds EQ 0.
       ld_starts = ld_counts.

       ADD 1 TO ld_founds.
     ELSEIF ld_founds EQ 1.
       ld_length = ld_counts - ld_starts.

       ADD 1 TO ld_founds.


IF ld_founds >= 1.

   ld_result = ld_string+ld_starts(ld_length).