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How to get Java script Response from ABAP

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I have a requirement to read HTML file from ABAP.

HTML file exists in customers' shared folder.

html header consisting of below codes ( Calling Jave script)

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">

function Webpkt()

I am able to Call the HTML file from ABAP and can see the output in a browser.

Objective is to capture the above output in ABAP side and convert the whole file into a PDF file in ABAP


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I don't get the question.

If you get the HTML file via an URL (i.e. the HTML is the HTTP response), use CL_HTTP_CLIENT (lots of examples in the Web).

If you get the HTML file from a local file on your laptop, use CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>GUI_UPLOAD.


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the way I read it, the author wants to "print" a webpage to PDF from ABAP.

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If you want to generate PDF from ABAP, there are two sources supported: ABAP List (WRITE), OTF (SAPScript, Smart Form). If you store them in a spool request, you might use respectively the function modules CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF or CONVERT_OTFSPOOLJOB_2_PDF.

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To render an html page you need a browser first. Next, that browser should allow saving or printing what you see as a pdf.

ABAP is not a Web browser that can render web pages. Hence, this requirement can't be achieved by just using ABAP.