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How to find the Program that triggered the outbound idoc ?

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I have a scenario where I need to find Program which triggers the particular IDOC .

I have the IDoc number/segment/message type.

Is there a way we can find which program triggered it?

Thanks in advance


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It may be possible as a standard field exist in idoc status logging for REPID information. You can display this field like this:

  1. run BD87 with the idoc id
  2. Double-clik on a status in the tree
  3. Open tab "Logging"
  4. Have a look at "Program" field

This field is not mandatory so you will have to fill it in your Idoc creator code. You can see that "User name" field (UNAME) is always filled with SY-UNAME running the idoc creator process (by default). Check in your program if a BDIDOCSTAT structure is used and trace fields UNAME, REPID and ROUTID.

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May be by using Partner Profile and Message Type you can zero on the Process Code (WE20),and using that Process Code,get the Function Module name (WE41/WE42) and then a where-used list of the FM will narrow down the programs using that function module.From that level you can drill down further and list out the possible programs.Mostly Program name will not be populated while creating the IDOC.If it is then well and good else we have to narrow down from the possible options we have in hand.


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In general all IDoc are processed by function module MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE. You can try to put a breakpoint somewhere at the beginning of MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE and find what you're looking for in ABAP stack.

However in this case the assumption is you know how to trigger the IDoc.