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How to execute standard T-code (WLF_IDOC) with default varient

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Hello team,

I need to execute WLF_IDOC (Standard T-code) using default variant.

Is there any why where we can execute the T-code with default variant by skipping selection screen?

I have tried SHD0 T-code which fulfill my requirement but I have to save the changes in Standard SAP package, changes are not getting locked in custom package.

Is it OK if we use standard SAP package and assign a transport or will it create any issue?



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You must create a new transaction code to run WLF_IDOC program with your own PROGRAM Variant.

I don't understand why you are talking about a TRANSACTION Variant (SHD0) because the initial WLF_IDOC screen is a Selection Screen and so only a Program Variant can be used, not a Transaction Variant.

Concerning a Transaction Variant, if you prefix its name with Z, SAP will NOT consider that it's a modification of standard.

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Thanks for the response Sandra Rossi,

The requirement is when we execute WLF_IDOC / (Custom T code of WLF_IDOC ) it should be displaying output directly.

We want to skip selection screen and variant selection.

Is there any way where we can default the variant and display the output by skipping selection screen step?


As I said earlier:

"You must create a new transaction code to run WLF_IDOC program with your own PROGRAM Variant."

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Maybe you don't know what is a Program Variant?