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HOW to execute SQL STMTS in testprogram?

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Hi all,

I have got many traced SQL stmts with timestamps. The stmts follow directly on each other. This means stmt1 is executed at 04:11:12pm and stmt2 is executed at 04:11:13 for example.

I have got approximately 60.000 thouand stmts that will be executed over a timeframe of one or two hours.

I think it does not make sense to read the stmts from a file in a loop. This takes too much time. Moreover the data, got back by executed stmts has to be stored in internal tables.

Reading the stmts from a file would take too much time. So the time-gap between the stmts would not be extended.

Do you think, I should just paste 60.000 stmts into an ABAP program?

How would you solve that problem?



Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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If you are measure the overhead of the SQL statements and do not want any other factors, then I would say yes, you must have the SQL statements directly in the program.


Rich Heilman

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Well, you could upload the entire file and generate a report. (F1 on GENERATE.)