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How to display page numbers on alv list

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I want to display page numbers on the alv list.

Could you please provide the sample code or any standard report.

I have tried all the ways but still did not work.

And also I can see link but here missing some code declare the types.

Like st_final and all .

Kindly help me to print



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Post the ways you've tried and what exactly "didn't work".

Also - why do you need this? I don't see what's the significance of the page numbers in a report (forms are a different matter). Are people physically printing the reports? Why? I haven't seen anyone in the office actually print a report in at least 5 years.

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your mentioned link actually here:

its just write sy-pagno in the event top of page. but as far as I know, page number only dislay correctly when you print or print preview the list.

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Hi Doan monh,

Thanks for the update.

Yes your correct, I need to print page numbers when we click on the print preview.

We can see that there are a lot of declaration missing like above mentioned link.

Here I wanted to know what type should we use for st_final.

Thanks for the help.