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How to display Base values (AFS Grid) in the Report

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Hi Friends,

We ar using AFS, in that we have Grid value like 0003A34

(8 chars: first 4 chars colour (0003), A represents Cup, 34 represents size of the Material), in that we can able to store the Base values like for International or US,

and for size 34 equivalent to 70 like wise.

In our reports we are using ALV grids, and showing the existing grid value like 0003A34, but we need to show Base value list like INTL or US etc, based on the region / area, the report should show the equivalent grid value like 0003A70 etc.

Please help me how to do this.




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Hi Shankar,

How do you know that 34 is equivalent to 70?

If there is no existing connection, you have to craete a z table with the following fields.

<b>value1(key field) region(key field) basevalue</b>

Then , in the program you can get the base value for the original value by writing selects on this z table.

v_value = gridvalue+6(2).

select single value1



from ztab

where value1 = v_value.

concatenate gridvalue+0(6) ztab-basevalue into gridvalue.



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Dear Ravi,

Thanks for ur quick response.

But i need, this info is available in standard SAP

(user has to maintain), and it should be dynamic based on the selection of the region it should show the equivalent size value.



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Dear Shankar;

I think you will be able to achieve what you try to do using grid conversion in AFS. Base Grid values can be converted to other values based on the customer, vendor or material depending on your requirement. This need to be configured in IMG and then the ID must be assigned in the Vendor or the Material Master as per the requirement.

This is somewhat complex config. Please contact me if you need any more clarifications (

Azwath Mohammad