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how to debug the program after execution

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I phased this Quetion in interview.

I have 3000 line 's of code but after execution of the program i am getting result

"there are no components " how to handle the situation.

I answerd : first i will execute the program in another client and i will check the result if it is same i will put breakpoint at where the statement triggered "there are no data contents " in my program and i will check for data in database tables.

is it corrct there is any another answer


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chk database tables.

check authorty chk.

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Hi Venu..

You can use the Ok_code /H in the Command field to switch on the Debugger during the Execution of the program.

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First put break point to all select statements and check what data comming

then check same data if there in database table or not with using same selection conditions

IF you are geting correct data then put break point on where exacly you are getting your final internal table data or say output data .

then debug for each record and check why data not get udated in final table

Hope this will solve your problem

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