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How to create shipment cost document using VI01

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Hi ,

For certain transportation type where the contract is for a fixed KM per day, user should be allowed to create a manual

transportation cost document. The document will capture, transportation cost, miscellaneous charges like road tax, charges paid for extra time etc. So when user executes this option, program should internally call VI01 transaction. The input for this option will be shipment number, now considering this scenario how to create a shipment cost document .


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Dear Shilpa,

Herewith I attached the configuration steps to activate the shipment cost. To create transportation is via VT01N for the outbound deliveries. To create a shipment cost document using VI01 for the transportation and what are the mandatory steps to follow?

Please refer below link document for configuration details

Please detail the configuration steps to be maintained to activate shipment cost and how to create shipment cost document for the shipment using VI01.

Plz enter shipment number in VI01, enter and save the document. By doing this it will create the shipment cost document.

1. You need to maintain condition records (T.code - TK11) for the condition types assigned in your pricing procedure.

2. Then goto VT02N enter your shipment number, under u2018shipment cost calculationu2019 tab assign your pricing procedure then automatically the values will be carried out from the condition records to the shipment cost.