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How to create extention for input field in a pop-up screen?

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I have a report with 3 screens - 100, 110, 120 (no any selection screen) - all 3 are created using Screen Painter. 3th one is opened in PAI_110 using CALL SCREEN 120 STARTING AT xx yy. What I need on screen 120 is a input/output field with possibility to get multiple-selection - in the same way as it is done in extention of a standard

"SELECT-OPTIONS: xxxx FOR some-table-field..."

in a selection screen.

Is it possible to achieve this and if yes, could someone share the solution with me?

Many thanks in advance.



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Yes it is possible.

just have a button next to the input field and onclick on the button call FM COMPLEX_SELECTIONS_DIALOG with the desired paramters.

If you are not sure of how to pass paramters to this FM do let us know, i will try to post sample code here.



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Hi Ivaylo,

There's another alternative solution to your problem. You can have the screen 120 as a user-defined selection screen. i.e., instead of creating this screen through the screen painter, you can create it from within your ABAP Program. This way, you can directly use the SELECT-OPTIONS statement within your screen. You then will no longer have to bother about how to handle the data for the field.

Especially in the case where your screen 120 has few elements, this approach, in my opinion, will be the best.

Please let me know if you need any further clarifications on how to go about it if you choose to follow this approach.


Anand Mandalika.

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Anand, Raja,

thanks for a quick reply.


In fact, I tried the approach your suggested without success before to post a question here. This approach is slightly introduced in a html-help. Perhaps I was doing something wrong. Now, after your suggestion I tried it againg and force it running :-).

Raja, I'll check your approach, but currently I'm choosing the Anand's approach - it looks more comfortable for me.

Thank you very much, guys.

Keep posting.