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How to create customer contact address ( KNVK) by using ADRMAS03 idoc

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Hi All ,

I am facing an issue while creating customer contact address using ADRMAS03 IDOC . KNVK-ADRND is not getting updated.

I have gone through SDN links and found that we need to use ADR3MAS03 IDOC for customer contact but no one is successfully able to achieve it.

Because even if I use ADRMS03 I have to pass OBJ_ID_P as KNVK-PARNR but KNVK-PARNR is not created yet.

My requirement is to create KNVK records specially ADRND and other fields of KNVK.

But I am not able to understand the linkage that how KNVK will be populated from KNA1 / ADRC data  ie linkage between ADRMAS , ADR3MAS and DEBMAS idocs.

Please suggest how can I proceed . Give me the steps of implementing this so that I can try the approach.




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Any suggestions?

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Hi Mithu,

I see DEBMAS07 idoc also contains segment for KNVK why don't you use this idoc.

Any special purpose of using ADRMAS03 idoc ?

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What are you trying to do? Where is your starting point, where do you create those IDocs?

The DEBMAS Idoc has already the KNVK segment for many years and even in lower IDoc versions, but addresses are not part of this KNVK segment, they have their own IDoc.

If you distribute customers and their contacts via ALE from system to system then you need to serialize the Idocs.

If you try to use LSMW to create the IDocs for a dataload then I can tell you that it does not work since you can't serialize the Idocs from LSMW.

I am using IDocs for customer creation incl. KNVK partners by LSMW, but I write the old and new partner number  (I assign those numbers already in the IDOC via FM NUMBER_GET_NEXT) into a Z-Table used for cross reference in our migration projects. We then have a ABAP to load the addresses in an extra step using this cross reference to find the right new numbers.