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How to create change request

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how to create change request for a program and how to compare versions ? how to release the task ? where we create change request ? how to transport it ? who will transport ?

In real time who creates change request ? developer or Team leader or Basis mainly in supporting project ?


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The Change Request is that request when you do changes or create a program or configuration in the system. The system will automatically popu with the change request pop box , when you can give request name as defined by the system or can give your own request name with heading of what changes you have made while customization. The system will generate a request number and you save it. (e.g.:- SEDE-2785467) SEDE- means the Clients System name then followed by the system generated request number.

Now when you want to release the request you have to use the <b>T-code SE10</b> where you can see the requests under the heading modifiable or released. Go to the modifiable option. Each request will have again an internal request number. First you have to release the internal request and then release the external request number. This will in turn released by the basis guys thru the <b>T-code SM64</b> in a group when all the requests are pooled from different users.

The task is nothing but the what task you have performed while customizing the client system and the heading name which have given it for that task and generated a request for that task.

regarding your last question, change request is usually created by the developers or team leader. But the transporting is mostly done by basis.



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If you have access to an SAP system, use Tcodes SE01,SE09&SE10 Transactions to answer your questions..The transport process is the responsibility of the BASIS team..

Also pl go through this <a href="">SAP Help</a> to get a better picture..


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The change request is created by the developer. And the object is transported by the basis guy.

Documentation on transport request can be found in the below link,


Azaz Ali.

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Hello Satyanarayana

Since the other SDN user have already answered your questions regarding transport request I focus on version comparison.

When you display your report (or class, function module, etc.) you can see the existing version using menu <b>Utilities -> Versions -> Version Management</b>

Any time you release a request containing your object a new version is created. On the version list you can compare any two versions. The function <b>REMOTE comparison</b> allows you to compare any version on your local system with the current version on a remote system.