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How to create a new Printer Font ?

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Hello every one,

I need to create a new Printer Font ( family:HELVE size:140 ) in a SAP system.

Printer Fonts are maintained in a table TFO03.

With Tcode SE73, we can create a new Printer font for a perticuler device type...but for this we need below entries..

Font family

Font size

Characters per inch

<b>Print control 1

Print control 2</b>

I can provide the first 3 values but I am unabble to create the 4th and 5th values

These print control's naming will be SFxxx (eg. SF001)

Tcode SPAD can be used to create print controls for a perticuler evice type. create a new <i>printer font</i>, <i>Print Controls for the printer font</i> are required.

Could you please tell me <b>how</b> these Print Controls can be created ?

Thanks in advance.


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Please follow following steps

1) Go to T-code SE73

2) Click on Printer Fonts radio button and press change button

3) Click on particular device type for which you need to create the font

4) Double click that device type

5) Click on create button "F5"

6) Give value for first 3 fields as in ur question.

7) Give value say SF999 abd SF999 in 4 and 5 field

😎 Click yes , it will give option of new entry on popup, click that . After 2 click for "New Entry" you will see the entry added to the device list.

9) Now generate. You need AFM file for successful generation.

From SPAD you can only create printer controls starting with Customer namesapce.

I hope this helps



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Hello Amit,

Thanks a lot for the possible solution..

I have some questions.

1.Where can we give the control charecter sequence for the new entries SF999 ?

2.Could you please also tell me how to get the AFM file ?


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Plz refer to this link for information regarding AFM file



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Hello All..

Could any one tell me 'Where can the AFM files can be found ?'