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how to correct error

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i am getting error like " large table zvtpmheader : no field of a table index in where condition in code inspector for one of my report.

please tell me what is the problem and how to solve it.

code is like below,

SELECT prgnumb prgtype descript requestor FROM zvtpmheader "+JK01

INTO TABLE t_zvtpmheader "+JK01

WHERE requestor IN s_inireq AND "+JK01

requestor NE p_chareq AND "+JK01

prgstatus = 90 "+JK01

ORDER BY prgtype prgnumb.


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you have to use at least one primary key field in the WHERE condition. Ideally you should use any one combination of the INDEXES available for that table.

This is suggested interms of performance.

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Vague subject, plus the message is somewhat clear, isn't it? Please study the longtext for that message and search for basic concepts like "table indexes".

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